Siu 2009 SİU 2009
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Conference covers two main topics: Signal Processing and Communications. Details of these areas are listed below.

Signal Processing

S1. Theory of Signal Processing
S2. Statistical Signal Processing
S3. Multimedia Signal Processing
S4. Biomedical Signal Processing
S5. Sensor Networks and Array Signal Processing
S6. Multiresolution and Multirate Signal Processing
S7. Pattern Recognition
S8. Computer Vision
S9. Adaptive Filters
S10. Image/Video/Speech Browsing, Retrieval and Watermarking
S11. Speech and Audio Coding
S12. Speech Processing and Recognition
S13. Human ~ Machine Interfaces
S14. Surveillance Signal Processing
S15. Bioinformatics
S16. Self Learning for Signal Processing
S17. Signal Processing Education
S18. Signal Processing Systems
S19. Other Related Topics


I1. Theory of Communications
I2. Communications Networks
I3. Wireless Communications
I4. Multimedia Communications
I5. Source and Channel Coding
I6. Antennas
I7. Channel Modeling, Estimation and Equalization
I8. MI/MO Communications
I9. Wideband Communications
I10. Other Related Subjects